Why is proper breathing important when singing?

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Proper breathing is the foundation upon which a quality vocal performance is built. Improper breathing technique can lead to loss of voice control, limited volume, and even damage to the vocal cords. Mastering proper breathing technique when singing will not only improve your vocals, but also prevent potential injuries.
The key principles of proper breathing when singing are:

  1. Diaphragmatic breathing

The basic principle of proper breathing when singing is the use of the diaphragm. This is a large muscle located underneath the lungs that, when breathing correctly, moves downward, increasing lung volume and allowing you to inhale more air.

  1. Deep inhalation through the nose

It is important to start your breath through your nose to allow air to pass through your nasal passages and clear out dust and debris. This also promotes smoother and more controlled inhalation.

  1. Smooth and controlled exhalation

Exhaling when singing should be smooth and controlled. Avoid sudden outbursts of air as this can create tension in the vocal cords. Allow the air to come out evenly and under control.

  1. Working with air reservoirs

Mastering the technique of working with the upper and lower air reservoirs allows you to use air efficiently and control air flow. This is especially important for long notes and high timbres.

  1. Regular breathing exercises

Practicing breathing exercises on a regular basis will help strengthen your breathing muscles and improve their elasticity. This in turn will have a positive effect on your vocal performance.
How to breathe correctly when singing: useful tips

Practice breathing before practicing: Before you start singing, spend a few minutes on breathing exercises to warm up your breathing muscles. Focus on long exhalation: Focus on controlling your exhalation by making it as smooth and long as possible. This will help you better control the flow of air. Practice diaphragmatic breathing in everyday life: Apply proper breathing in everyday situations so that it becomes habitual and natural to you.


Proper breathing when singing is a key element of successful vocal performance. Use these tips and principles to improve your breathing technique, develop voice flexibility, and create unique pieces of music. Don’t forget that regular practice is the key to mastery, so spend enough time practicing and enjoy your improvement.

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