Finally, moving on! The vocal and piano teacher.

Hello, I am Olga Druzhinina, the vocal and piano teacher. My blooming orchids are welcoming friends. Joyful Singing Dragon, our Studio Mascot from ancient Samarkand, helps me when he is not frolicking.
Finally, on this cold February, our team restarted our Studio site. Thank my son Gleb Druzhinin, Ariadna Tereschenko, and Valery Palivoda for their patience and lot of effort. I tried to make my site informative and entertaining, summarizing more than 20 years of my professional experience in the USA. I would be glad to share our news there and answer your questions.

But, sometimes miracles happen, especially if your Studio Mascot is funny and mysterious Singing Dragon. Our small team was hard working on renewing the Studio site after almost two years of trouble. We were very close to final checking, testing, etc., before releasing it online. Suddenly, we have found that our site is happily grazing on Internet’s Meadows! None of the three admins released it from Under Construction status. So we decided that simply ran away to its freedom and giggled on our discussion on how to polish it better. It seems that was a trick of mischievous Singing Dragon, who was tired of being locked up! Maybe he wanted finally to welcome friends on his site, tell them stories and sing songs together.

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