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 National Federation of Music Clubs trophy for 12 consecutive years of Superior rating obtained by a student of  Olga’s Music Studio in OFMC Festival auditions.

Music education, with all benefits of learning and performing music, still be an educational process and needs evaluation of students’ achievements.

Parents need to know that their child is getting an education according to some common standards.
The part of all music education systems are exams, tests, evaluation auditions, in which a professional jury evaluates students’ performance.
With the prevalence of private studios in the USA, there are a few popular evaluation systems in which Olga’s Music Studio successfully participates.


Competitions & Evaluations register online.

Nicholas Oita,13, with OFMC officer Ms.S.Christen achieved the Ohio Federation of Music Clubs Outstanding Junior Award 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

A few organizations provide auditions nationwide, such as the National Federation of Music Clubs, American Guild of Piano Teachers, Royal Conservatory Auditions (ABRSM), and NEOMTA.

Trophies of consecutive Superior rating obtained by students of Olga’s Music Studio in OFMC Festival auditions.

Customers of Olga’s Music Studio are always encouraged to get proof of the high standards of education participating in one or a few evaluation auditions.

Those auditions are NOT COMPETITIVE.
But many customers want more challenges from their music education, and they can participate in COMPETITIVE auditions or COMPETITIONS.

Competitions & Evaluations,.
   Music competitions have a tremendously respected history with roots lost in hoary antiquity. Known from the clay tablets of XIV century BC, the city Aptera, which means Featherless, on Crete got her name after a vocal competition between Muses and Sirens where Apollo was a judge.
The Sirens lost, and Muses plucked their feathers to make themselves wreaths, so since this, the city bears her name.

Featherless Sirens become white and fall in the sea next to Aptera, where formed islands Lefkai, which means white.
The grand tradition of music competitions has never been interrupted in human history; we can recall Medieval Music tournaments or a contest between W.A. Mozart and M.Clementi by the Austrian court.

Vocal competition between Muses and Sirens. Apollo is judging. Zeus, Athena, and Hera are watching (on the left). Marble sarcophagus, Metropolitan Museum, NY.

The ancient theatre of Aptera

Islands Lefkai

Olga’s Music Studio pupils follow the respected old way to challenge themselves, place extra efforts to prepare, practice high concentration in the moment of performance, pursue a victory, but be ready to lose “the feathers.”

From the moment of decision to participate in a contest, a student become a winner: they will grow above their level as a musician and as a person, polish a challenging program, learn from the rivals, and have an unforgettable experience, mainly if they compete overseas.
American Team on the Parade of Flags in Rudolph Steiner Theatre, London, UK, 2019. Classical vocalists of Olga’s Music Studio represented the USA at the Parade of Flags which opened the Gala concert. Left to right: Evangeline Rahimov,7, 2nd place; Nicholas Oita,15,1st place; Maya Ciurcel, 11,1st place; Brianna Bogdan, 15, 3rd place. Nicholas Oita was honored by performing in the Gala concert – the only one who sang without a microphone.
Participating in contests prepares students for the live competition in which they will compete for their college, career, etc. Students polish their personal qualities to concentrate on the goal, not be afraid to perform in front of judges, rivals and crowd; train their memory, self-control, and reaction- all qualities needed in their life journey.
With various competitions existing, it’s possible to determine an event that will grow a student, be a good life experience, have an excellent characteristic to a college, and be a source of pride for the family.
Olga’s Music Studio prepares students for competitions in piano and voice.
They competed locally and abroad, in the halls, on recorded videos, and combined.
As a result of the contests, they may win Diplomas, Certificates, Special Awards, Honorable Mentions, Trophies, Monetary prizes in cash, and an opportunity to perform in Gala concerts.

So far, they have performed in highly respected and prestigious halls:
-Carnegie Hall, New York, NY
– Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
– Rudolph Steiner Theatre, London, UK
– Mozarteum, Salzburg, AT
– Billrothhous, Vienna, AT
-The Pontifical Institute of Music, Rome, IT
– Shau-Lin Concert Center, Rockport, MA
– Pickman Hall, Boston, MA
– Cleveland Cultural Gardens, Centennial Plaza, Cleveland, OH
– Italian Cultural Garden, Cleveland, OH
Some competitions in which our students participated, became Finalists, and won:
8th International
Performing Arts Competition Stars of the Albion Grand Prix 2021.
Classical Vocal: Alex Cosma 1st, Young Talent of Stars of the Albion
Jacob Gao 3rd, Young Talent of Stars of the Albion2021



Jaanvi Sanisetti plays in Laureates Concert in Italian Cultural Garden during One World Day Festival.

Classical Vocal:
Solo: Alex Cosma, 11 1st; Tomas Kehoe, 50, 2nd; Jaynanne Sheehan, 24, 3rd; Jacob Gao, 12, 3rd.
Ensemble: Trio Jacob Gao, Jaynanne Sheehan, Jayson Cekanski, 3rd.
Classical-Modern Composers: Jaanvi Sanisetti 2nd;
American Composers: Jaanvi Sanisetti 3rd.
Road to Dream Int. Music Competition/Classical Vocal, Minsk, Belarus
Gala broadcast from Minsk, Belarus: Maya Ciurcel.



Classical Vocal, Video, broadcast. Maya Ciurcel, 13-1st, Alex Cosma, 10-1st, Natalia Ignasiak, 17-2nd



8th Elena Obraztsova Int. Young Vocalists Competition in St.-Petersburg, Russia.
Broadcast 1st Round and the Final.
Alex Cosma, 10, 3rd place in Foreign group via video. Only prize of all threeCosmanine age groups of 9 countries in the Final.

1st round: F.Schubert Serenade, Neapolitan song Lo Granatello: 
Final round: E.Di Curtis Torna A Surriento, I.Dunaevsky Joyful WInd:



Jury: Makvala Kasrashvili, the Director of Bolshoi Theater Opera; Larisa Kurdyumova; Rusanna Lisitsian; Maria Lyudko; Fabio Mastrangelo, Hans-Joachim Frey; Natalia Ignatenko

The State Academic Chapel of St.Petersburg was founded in 1479, where the competitions took place. Alex represented the USA. Foreign contestants presented on monitors. 


-Mamma! Young Cleveland Vocalists Competition, Cleveland, OH, USA;
Alex Cosma, 9, 1st place, Cash prize, Editorial photo session. Invitations from professional Penal of Judges to perform in their productions: the President of Italian Cultural Garden, Ms.Mariani, invited Alex to sing in the most popular and prestigious Summer concert Opera in Italian Garden in 2021.
Dr.Dorota Sobieska, the Artistic Director of Cleveland Opera, invited Alex to participate in the company production of 2021.




-One World Day Music Competition/Classical Vocal, Cleveland, OH, USA
Brianna Bogdan,15, 1st; Nicholas Oita, 16, 2nd; Alex Cosma, 9, 1st, Evangeline Rahimov, 7, 2nd in their age groups.
Special prizes from local businesses.
Invitations from members of the International Penal of Judges to participate in their events:
Francesco Di Santis, Professor of Conservatory of Bari, Italy, Founder and Artistic Director of Euterpe International Competition in Corato, Italy, invited Brianna Bogdan, Nicholas Oita, and Alex Cosma to participate in next season of Euterpe Competition.
Ms. Eugenia Terentieva, the founder of the Stars of the Albion Festival and Competition in London, UK, invited Nicholas Oita, Evangeline Rahimov to participate in Stars of the Albion of 2020 without a preliminary audition.
Gala in One World Day in Cleveland Cultural Gardens at Syrian Garden, Cleveland, OH: Brianna Bogdan, Nicholas Oita, Alex Cosma, Evangeline Rahimov.

-Stars of the Albion 6th International Festival and Performing Arts Competition, Classical Vocal, London, UK, Nicholas Oita,15, 1st place; Brianna Bogdan,15, 3rd place; Maya Ciurcel,11,1st place; Evangeline Rahimov,7, 2nd place. Cash prizes for 1st place winners. Gala in Rudolf Steiner Theatre, London, UK: Nicholas Oita.

The Award Ceremony and Gala in Rudolph Steiner Theatre:

Nicholas Oita; Brianna, and Nicholas are getting their awards; Evangeline Rahimov’s first International Competition

Brianna Bogdan; Parade of flags; American Team


-Euterpe Int. Music Competition, Voice, Corato, Italy:


Jayden Li,7, 2nd place.

My Diploma of Honore:

American Protégé International Vocal Competition 2018, New York, NY:
Maya Ciurcel,11, 1st place, Nicholas Oita, 2nd, Caprice Trifiro,2nd, Jayden Li 2nd places.
Gala in Carnegie Hall New York, NY; Maya Ciurcel, Nicholas Oita, Caprice Trifiro.
Official photo of Caprice Trifiro singing in Carnegie Hall; Concert program  

Grand Prize Int. Competition “Salzburg,” Voice :
Alex Cosma,7, 2nd place,
Gala in Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria: Alex Cosma. Official photo and poster; with me after the concert.


Little Mozart Int. Competition 2018, Voice. New York, NY:
Brianna Bogdan,14,2nd; Alex Cosma,7, 3rd place.

Official photo of Brianna singing in Carnegie Hall

Melos Int. competition” Rome,” Voice, Rome, Italy
: Gala in Rockport Shalin-Lue Concert Hall, Rockport, MA: Alex Cosma.
{need a screenshot from video}

in the hall: Polina Kornyushenko,12,-2nd; Nicholas Oita,14- 3rd, Caprice Trifiro,16-3rd, Brianna Bogdan,12-3rd, Maya Ciurcel,10-3rd places.

Polina’s program included pieces of Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern styles. She also sang at Gala duet with Nicolas due to the inline Melos competition in 2017. 

Gala in Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Rome, Italy: Polina Kornyushenko, Nicholas Oita. Participation in Gala has been obtained in online Melos competition in 2017.


-National Singing Star competition Cleveland 2017, Cleveland, OH:
Nicholas Oita,14,1st place, the special prize
Gala in Viva Starlight Room, Cleveland, OH: Nicholas Oita.

-II Feurich International Piano, Voice, and Chamber Music Competition 2017, Voice. Vienna, Austria:
Nicholas Oita,14,1st place and cash award; Polina Kornyushenko,12, 2nd place, Caprice Trifiro,16,2nd place.

 Masterclass participants diplomas; our team after the Masterclass concert in Keiser Zaal; Flags of Masterclass concert participants. 

Our team with their certificates and trophies in Billrothhaus; Nicholas’s 1st place certificate and award; I am in the Keiser Zaal where vocal competition has been held. 

Nicholas official video from the competition :


Program for Gala in Billrothhaus Vienna, Austria: Nicholas Oita, Polina Kornyushenko, Caprice Trifiro:


IV Rome Int. Music Competition (Melos), Voice, Rome, Italy:
Video. Polina Kornyushenko,12, 1st place, Nicholas Oita,14, 1st place, won participation in
Gala in Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Rome, Italy in 2018


-Grand Prize Virtuoso Int. Competition “London” 2017, Voice, London, United Kingdom:
Polina Kornyushenko,11, First Absolute Prize 100/100. It was an estimation for her performance in Cleveland Ballet production which represents “Productions” in the Studio demo video on the Home page.

Nicholas Oita, 13 -First Prize and Exceptional Young Talent Special Prize.  Video from the Cleveland Ballet production of A Celebration of Dance & Music in Hanna Theatre, released by courtesy of Cleveland Ballet:


Gala in Royal Albert Hall, London, United Kingdom: Polina Kornyushenko, Nicholas Oita. An official from the stage. I have to buy my ticket to see my students singing in the Royal Albert Hall.  


28-Madrid International Music Competition 2017, Voice Madrid, Spain:
Video.Polina Kornyushenko, 11, 2nd price;

American Protégé International Vocal Competition2016, Video. New York, NY:
Video.Polina Kornyushenko,10, Jury Favorite Award & 1st place (Classical Repertoire); 1st place (Opera aria), Nicholas Oita, 13, 1st place; Caprice Trifiro, 15, 1st place.


Gala in Carnegie Hall, New York, NY: Polina Kornyushenko, Nicholas Oita, Caprice Trifiro.

Some media:




eMuse Int. Competition, Voice Division, 2016, video.Athens, Greece: Polina Kornyushenko,9, 2nd place, Caprice Trifiro,3rd place.


-AADGT “Passion of Music” Int. Competition 2016, Voice Division.Video. New York, NY:
Caprice Trifiro, 15, 3rd place.
Gala in Steinway Hall, White Plane, NY: Caprice Trifiro.


-Little Mozart Int. Competition 2016.Video. New York, NY:
-Vocal: Nicholas Oita, 2nd place;

Nicholas’s first performance in Carnegie Hall was in 2016

Nicholas’s first performance in Carnegie Hall was in 2016

-Piano:    Emily Muntean, 2nd place

Official photo from Carnegie Hall

Gala in Carnegie Hall, New York, NY: Nicholas Oita, Emilia Muntean.




-Little Mozart Int. Competition 2015, New York, NY:

Gala in Carnegie Hall, New York, NY: Polina Kornyushenko, Sabrina Kotovets, Maya Ciurcel.
-Voice Division:
Polina Kornyushenko,8,1st place & Cash award, in the backstage room; Maya Ciurcel official photo from the stage.

After the concert

-CCCCA Int. Piano Competition, 2014, Cleveland, OH:
Sophia Liu,6,3rd place; William Liu,9, Honorable Mention;

-Carmel Debut Int. Piano Competition 2014, Video, Hall, Carmel, IN:
Sophia Liu,6, Final, Honorable Mention & Cash prize;


-Ohio Federation of Music Clubs Awards Marilyn Walters Competition 2013, Piano, Columbus, OH:
Jessica Wang, 3rd place, a cash award.

-World Piano Int.Competition 2013. Video, Hall. Cincinnati, OH:
Raya Bolotov, 3rd place, Bronze Medal; Sabrina Kotovets, Final, Honorable Mention,
Gala in Carnegie Hall, New York, NY: Raya Bolotov.



-Fortnightly Club 6th, 9th, 11th Grades Piano Competition 2012, Cleveland, OH:
Hannah Lee,9, Honorable Mention;

-A-Muse-the-World Int. Piano Competition 2011, video, hall. Boston, MA:
Victoria Sung,12,2nd place, Best Baroque; Hannah Lee,8, 3rd place, Best Interpretation.

Gala in Pickman Hall, Boston, MA: Victoria Sung.



-World Piano Int. Competition 2010, video, hall. Cincinnati, OH:
Honorable Mentions: Maggie Tifft, Morgan Tifft, Ashley Rash;
Gala in Carnegie Hall, New York, NY: Maggie Tifft, Morgan Tifft.


-World Piano Int. Competition 2009, Cincinnati, OH:

Gala in Carnegie Hall, New York, NY: Victoria Sung, Hannah Lee.





Music education, with all benefits of learning and performing music, IS still be an educational process and needs evaluation of students’ achievements.
Competitions & Evaluations,
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