Jaanvi Sanisetti,9, plays in the concert in Italian Cultural Garden.
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Music, being an expression of very personal emotions, is a public event. Even performing for yourself, you have a public: yourself.
Generally, a music lesson’s goal is to teach a student to perform in front of the public. This public could be a sweet grandma with her furry cat on her lap. All musicians start performing in their family circle. What can be better for supporting the first steps in music than loving the hearts of family members?
Some families do not want anything more from taking music classes, but many desire, as a result, to be able to perform in front of the general public.

Levels of concerts are various, and well-trained students can perform on the most prestigious stages from a very young age. Highly professional music training obtained in Olga’s Music Studio allows students to perform so far in such prestigious concerts like:
-Opera in Italian Garden;
-Elena Obraztsova Birthday Celebration world broadcast of Obraztsova Cultural Center, St.Petersburg, Russia;
– Cleveland Art Museum International Community Day;
-Camerata Orchestra Spring Concert;
-Gagarin Gala in Great Lakes Science Center;
-Christmas Studio Concert in St.Casimir Church video commissioned by Russian Cultural Garden;
-Cleveland Composers Guild annual concerts;

-National Singing Star Benefit Concert of Winners;
– Cenacolo di Cleveland Italian Society Summer and Christmas Concerts;
– Garden of Talents benefit concert with Cleveland Ballet in Andrew Osborn Theatre;
– One World Day in Cleveland Cultural Gardens, Main Stage with Cleveland Ballet;
– One World Day in Cleveland Cultural Gardens, Main Stage Inauguration Ceremony, National Anthem;
-One World Day in Cleveland Cultural Gardens, Russian, Slovenian, Syrian Gardens
-City of North Royalton Festival;
-Music School Settlement Anniversary Gala.

Olga’s Music students participate in Fortnightly club concerts and others in retirement communities and churches; Honor concerts of OFMC; NEOMTA Festivals. So, Olga’s Music Studio pupils have various opportunities to practice public performances from very modest first steps in student concerts until highly prestigious professional events such as Opera in Italian Garden, Gagarin Gala in Great Lakes Science Center, or world broadcast from St.Petersburg.

  •  Opera in Italian Garden, Italian Cultural Garden, Cleveland, OH – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2021

2021 Alex Cosma,10, sings C.Bixio Mamma!


WKYC 3 studios about Alex:

2018 Polina Kornyushenko,12, sings G.Rossini La Danza

2017 Polina Kornyushenko,11, sings G.Puccini Aria di Lauretta O Mio Babbino Caro



2016 Polina Kornyushenko,10, sung G.Rossini La Danza


One World Day in Cleveland Cultural Gardens 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 & The Stars of Summer 2021 International Vocal & Piano Competition and Festival in Cleveland Cultural Gardens:

Gala& Laureates Concert in Italian Garden at One World Day in Cleveland Cultural Gardens:

Alex Cosma, 10, sings R.Leoncavallo Mattinata in Italian Cultural Garden during the thunderstorm:




2018 Olga’s Music Studio entertained in Russian Cultural Garden and in Slovak Cultural Garden. Under The Sea in Russian Cultural Garden; the program which Studio presented in two Gardens


2017, Centennial Stage with Cleveland Ballet. Program on the Centennial (Main) Stage


2016. Program presented on the Centennial Stage. Polina sings The National Anthem. The mayor of Cleveland Mr.F.Jackson is on the left.

Polina Kornyushenko takes picture with Mayor of Cleveland F.Jackson after singing The National Anthem…

…signs her first autographs and gets compliments from police officers.



Planet of Obraztsova Virtual online concert hosted/organized by Elena Obraztsova Cultural Center in Sankt-Peterburg, RU, broadcast from Russian Cultural Garden, 2020




Camerata Strings Orchestra Concert 2019

Nicholas  on the stage; the concert program; with the young fan and flowers; with Mom


Cenacolo di Cleveland, June and December 2019 

Alex,8, sings solo concert of 5 Italian songs.


Gardens of Talents Andrew Osborn Theatre


 Cleveland Composers Guild  25th Anniversary Celebration Gala 2017, Harkness Chapel, Music School Settlement 2018 



 National Community Day at the Cleveland Museum of Art – 2016, 2019


Gagarin Gala in Great Lake Science Center,2019



Christmas Concert commissioned by Russian Cultural Garden represented multicultural Cleveland Christmas traditions. Carols performed in 5 original languages. Videotaped in historical St. Casimir Church of Cleveland



11. “Maslenitsa” Russian Cultural Garden Winter Festival in the Cleveland Historical Greenhouse – 2017, 2018



  • 5.Music4Connection concerts in various nursing homes – 2017, 2018



 North Royalton City Festival– 2016


Cleveland Music School Settlement A Centennial Anniversary Party Gala 2013


Victoria Sung with me; program

Studio concerts since2000



Music, being an expression of very personal emotions, is a public event. Even performing for yourself, you have a public: yourself.

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