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Studying in Olga’s Music Studio is a pleasurable process regulated by simple rules.

They help customers to:
-choose a desirable level of music education,
-adjust the process according to the family plans and wishes;
-it helps parents understand the process of private lessons and how much they can control it.
Please read the Policy carefully and add your wishes in a particular field before signing.

Olga’s Music Studio: Piano-Voice-Theory
North Royalton, OH 44133
440-237-4713 (land)
440-467-8038 (cell)
The Studio is equipped with a Knabe Artist Series Grand Piano (acoustic), Korg Digital Grand, and an extensive music library. Parents have a comfortable place to present at the lessons.


Lessons Format.
Studio digital grand KORG during the concert in Russian Cultural Garden. Photo: Moro Design Studio. 2020
  • I LEVELS: in Olga’s Music Studio, you can choose a level of training intensity that best suits your expectations and family situation.
  • Each Level presumes to obtain correct technical skills and knowledge from basic to advanced. Customers can change their level of training in accordance with Olga’s Music Studio and include those upgrades to the existing Contract as an Addendum. The Recreational (Basic) level does not require but recommends students practice at home.
    Certification and Competition levels require home practicing as per the teacher’s direction.
1 – Recreational (Basic) Level: (beginner music, voice, piano lessons)
-includes Theory, technical and interpretational development for students who do not want or are unable to participate in Certification or Competition levels.
Students at the Recreational (Basic Level) may participate in Studio performances, church services, and other non-evaluating and non-competitive events.
– does not include preparation for and participation in judged performances.
-students do not achieve any certificates of achievement, diplomas, or trophies.
-they MAY get a teacher’s certificate of participation in serving community volunteer work for college admission.
Customers who chose this Level are getting customized lessons according to their requirements for reasons: a) Privacy: preferred by families and individuals, according to their religious or other reasons
– they do not want their children or themselves to perform publicly.
– do not want to be videotaped and photographed- even though music is a public activity in its nature.
This one is the only Level that allows customers to be guaranteed from being filmed, photographed, or audiotaped by a third party or appearing in any media because of taking music lessons in Olga’s Music Studio.
If such undesirable recording happens in the family organized performance, customers take full legal responsibility for such case regulation.
  • b) Repertoire requirements: customers might have various conditions and prospective of their taking music lessons, like, for example, playing only religious pieces or Disney pieces.
    Following those requirements can be fulfilled, making it impossible to have significant general progress and follow music pedagogy standards of technique and learning varieties of styles and composers. It also makes it impossible to participate in Certificate and Competition events, so fulfilling this wish could be only at the Recreation level.
  • c) Luck of practicing.
    Parents or adult students understand & accept slow skills progress from practicing mainly in the class and not taking responsibility for home practicing.
    Such students cannot be prepared to participate in Certifications  Auditions and Competitions. Still, they might be placed to the Basic Level from two other levels if they do not follow the teacher’s requirements for home practicing. If parents know that the student cannot practice at home for any reason, they understand and accept the slow skills progress.
  • d) A student’s physical or mental conditions require this Level of music training.
    According to the doctor’s recommendations, if a student has special needs, their music education is a subject of individual regulation.
2. Certificate (Evaluation) Level:

The Certificate Level includes everything offered in Basic (Recreational)

Level plus participation in non-competitive certification events.
It includes preparation for and participation in judged evaluation auditions and public performances. Students achieve:
– certificates, diplomas, trophies.
– teacher’s certificate of participation in community service volunteer work for college admission.

In Evaluation Level students:
a) required practicing according to teacher’s assignment and supervised by parents/guardians;

b) follow rules of evaluating organizations.

c) participate in public performances.

d) Video, audio recording, photographs, and broadcasting will appear in media.
Olga’s Music Studio has full right to use students’ audio, video, and photo recordings of pieces prepared in the Studio for publication in media and other Studio needs.

e) Olga’s Music Studio is not responsible for any recording, photo shooting, and publications of her students made by a third party during public performances or events.

f) Students in Evaluation Level could be recommended by Olga’s Music Studio, apply, and be selected for performance by the third parties upon a separate contract.

3. Competition (Professional) Level: (advanced piano voice lesson)

The Competition Level includes everything offered in Certificate Level plus preparation for any mutually agreed contests, auditions for professional production, or further education.
Additional lesson time needed for preparation for events at the Competition level may be offered to customers at no extra charge.

Includes preparation for and participation in:
– judged evaluate auditions
– public performances, competitions
– productions/auditions
– college auditions.

Students can achieve and win:
-certificates, diplomas, trophies.
-monetary prizes.
-participation in prestigious concerts in the country and abroad in halls like
Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, Mozarteum, Salzburg, AT;
Opera in Italian Garden, Cleveland, OH, and others.
– contracts for company productions in the country and abroad.
-acceptance to a college professional performance faculty.
– teacher’s certificate of participation in community service volunteer work for college admission.

Participating in Competition Level requires:
a)- practicing according to the teacher’s assignment and supervised by parents/guardians.
b)-attend extra lessons with no extra charge for these sessions.
c)- follow the rules of organizations, companies, and colleges that organize a competitive event;
d)- participate in public performances on a schedule;
e)- participate in the video, audio recording, photo sessions, broadcasting, and appearance in media.
Olga’s Music Studio has full right to use students’ audio, video recordings, and photos made in the preparation and the competition, if allowed by the organizers’ rules, for publication in media and other Studio needs as commercial or demos.
f)- Olga’s Music Studio is not responsible for any recording, photo shooting, and publications of her students made by a third party in public performances.
g)-in the case of participating in an event scheduled out of town, the contestant/participant’s family (families) provide transportation to and stay for the teacher for the time related to the event. II.Lessons
Place-lesson could be set:
in Studio,
on remote
-If students participate in a production or a competition, the session could be set:
in a theatre or another place of performance where it held
in another city, country, and abroad.
2. Equipment.
– Studio equipped with Knabe Artist Grand Piano, Korg Digital Grand, small size keyboards for traveling, music stands, and music library.
– Parents/guardians have a comfortable seat to be present at the music lessons.
3. Schedule.
-Lessons are scheduled weekly, Sunday through Friday, not less than 1(one hour) per week.
The time slots could be split into 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes.-Piano lessons could be scheduled per 1(one) session per week.
-Vocal lessons need a minimum of 2(two) sessions per week.
– Solfeggio lessons (part of the vocal training)

are recommended for a small group where customers share the hourly charge.
Students must get a habit of singing solo in front of a small group as well as they need partners to sing in two and more voices. Solfeggio classes could be set for individuals as well.

– the number and duration of lessons vary and should be determined by a customer and the Studio depending on the chosen Level and student’s individuality.

– changes in the Schedule could be made by both Customer and Studio if there are available time slots.

4. Student’s supplies and Parents/Guardians’ control.
– students must come to or be ready for a remote lesson with their music and notebook.
It is recommended to have printed copies for the lessons because the teacher needs to write their fingering, phrases, etc. For some events, students need to show the legally purchased copies or buy a book. Many events require numbered measures for adjudication but no handwriting.

-note/assignment book is needed to keep control of the home practice and student’s general process;
-books needed to learn the program
– music staff lined books for Theory
– parents and students are welcome to record the lessons on any device, have all teacher’s explanations, and keep the documented recording for home use only. Publication of lesson materials of Olga’s Music Studio could be only upon the Studio’s permission.
– for participating in public performances, students need the concert attire and shoes and might be required to bring them for the lessons, both Piano and Voice, to practice in their scenic outfits. For some lessons, students might need only concert shoes for practice pedalization in Piano lessons and scenic posture in Voice lessons.

5. Payments, liability, and reimbursements.
-Olga’s Music Studio charges an hourly rate of $40.00;
-customers prepay a month before the scheduled time. The tuition date is the last lesson before the coming month.
– payments are accepted as checks issued for Olga Druzhinina’s name, PayPal account for mikegleb@yahoo.com, or cash.
-if there are predicted schedule changes, it could be discussed to make up the lesson.
– for the Competition Level, extra lessons may be scheduled as many as needed for no additional charge;
– if the lesson has been canceled less than just 24 hours before the scheduled time, it might be made up solely upon teacher consideration according to a circumstance.
– if the teacher has to reschedule or cancel the scheduled lesson, the lesson must be made up at a first convenient time for customers, or money for this lesson will be returned.
Snow days can be made upon the last Sunday of June.
– for the voice lesson and some events, the teacher of Olga’s Music Studio plays with no extra charge.
– a collaborative pianist might be needed to hire for a particular event such as competitions, recordings, or concerts for their rehearsal rate and performances.
– for some events with prerecorded accompaniment, such accompaniment might be written, edited, or adjusted for an additional charge according to an editor’s price;
When the teacher travels with a student in the country, and abroad, the round trip and stay (but no food) are provided by customers (cost should be split between participants if a few participants are prepared).
– customers are responsible for any damages made to Studio property.
6. Photo, video, audio materials, and media:
Music, being a public event in its nature, has a lot of ways now to be shared in the world with remarkable new technologies, but, from the other side, there appeared many new regulations.
Most music students want to become famous and recognizable globally. Yet, some want music activity as a part of their private life, which could be possible solely at the Recreational (Basic) Level.
Students of Olga’s Music Studio have opportunities:
– appear in Internationally broadcasted concerts, competitions, Opera Company productions, radio, TV, commercials, and local and international newspapers.
– appear on Olga’s Music Studio YouTube channel.
– appear on Olga’s Music Studio Facebook page.
– modeling/performing for a commercial upon a contract with an agency or company.
– recorded materials of students such as
video, audio, and photo made in the lessons, rehearsals, concerts, released competitions videos/ audios, released company videos/audios, own Olga’s Music Studio productions and trips materials, related to student’s performances and competitions, Olga’s Music Studio has right to use for promotion, commercial, publications and demo upon the Studio decision.
7. Contract.
Parent/Guardian/Student of 18 years and above:
First name_____________________________________
Last Name_____________________________________
Street address__________________________________
City, State______________________________________
Zip cod____________
Student’s first name_____________________________
Student’s last name______________________________
Student’s DOB__________________________________
Special requests_________________________________
Customer’s signature, date Olga Druzhinina signature, date
______________________ __________________________

Studying in Olga’s Music Studio is a pleasurable process regulated by simple rules.

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