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It is not only the students’ training that is in demand among clients. Earned a reputation as an experienced professional business, the Studio makes its products commissioned by other organizations.
Music contests organized by the Studio:
The Stars of Summer International Vocal & Piano Competition & Festival in Cleveland Cultural Gardens
International partners:
Elena Obraztsova Cultural Center, St. Petersburg, Russia
Stars of the Albion International Performing Arts Competition, London, UK
Participants represented nine countries:
Austria, Azerbaijan, Canada, China, Germany, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, USA.
Singers from Azerbaijan and Canada earned two Grand Prizes.
Many participants got invitations to the judge’s events.
Participants who got an invitation to Stars of the Albion International Performing Art Competition become the Finalists there.
Our 1st Prize winner from Azerbaijan become the Grand Prize Winner in Stars of the Albion.
Two concerts of winners were organized:
Gala on Centennial Plaza with the participation of Laureates, local and foreign,  Cleveland Ballet, M.U.S.I.C. quartet, opera singers;
Winners Concert in Italian Garden.
Local artists and businesses prepared their Special Prizes for local participants.
The renowned artist I. Grigorieva, St.Petersburg, Russia, painted the special prizes accordingly to the character of the piece performed and granted.
She presented her arts in the majestic concert “the Musical Youth of Russia.”
Mamma! Moro Design Studio committed to the Young Cleveland Vocalists CompetitionMoro Design Studio. [2]

A unique greeting card turns into a vocal music contest: Talk of the Towns

Gala Concert of One World Day Music Competition in Cleveland Cultural Garden 2019. One of the Laureates, Suder Pratesan, performs in the Syrian Cultural Garden.

Posted May 29, 2020Alex Cosma, here with his mother, Anca Cosma, was the winner of Mamma! – an online vocal competition. (Photo Courtesy of Moro Design Studio)

One World Day Music Competition committed by Cleveland Cultural Garden Federation with Gala in One World Day celebration in Cleveland Cultural Garden 2019, in Syrian Garden. [1]

Videos produced by Studio:

Spring Waters
Holiday Concert



Music, being an expression of very personal emotions, is a public event. Even performing for yourself, you have a public: yourself.

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