“My teaching philosophy follows a simple covenant: “Do your best. God does the rest.”

Teaching Phylosophy.


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Ms. Druzhinina in her Studio

Having deep knowledge in vocal and piano technique, interpretation, and tradition, I successfully fulfill students’ family expectations in studying music.
I strive to choose the student’s development options that correspond to a specific situation of this student.
It allows them to reveal their talent in various levels of students learning piano and singing, ranging from performing music in the family circle to engaging with opera houses.

Classical vocal training allows my students to sing operatic, art songs, musical theatre, religious repertoire, jazz, gospel, and pop music and not have problems with their voice.
Having reliable, time-honored classical, healthy growth in music, students joyfully uncover music’s beauty in a friendly and cheerful classroom environment.
They bring this joy to perform confidentially and skillfully for any audience.”
Parents role in music education.

Parents are everything for a growing musician.

The most famous father in music history, Leopold Mozart, a musician, teacher, and entrepreneur remains the great founder of the conception of the early training and building a career for hisgenius son. His pedagogical genius is still with us in the music of his son Wolfgang and with his famous book, A Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing, which is in use now.
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The story of two geniuses, father and son Mozarts, is a great example and encouragement for parents who decided to provide music education for their children.
They choose to take music lessons for their beloved child and spend hard-earned money for tuitions, instruments, music, audition fees, concert attires, recordings, trips.
They accept responsibility to bring their child to a music class and supervise their home practice. Yes, there are no miracles.

Children need help and encouragement from their parents.
The best motivation for them will be if parents have involved in music themselves.
A decision to bring their child to the music class could restart parents’ interest in the music and start or continue their music education.

They travel with their kids in the country and fly overseas for competitions and performances.
They stay with their kids in the rehearsals for concerts and productions.
Parents need to build a vision of their beloved child’s future in music, encourage and help them in this way.
In pursuing this goal, parents find the right teacher and, together, shape a musician like two hands of our creator God.
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«“My teaching philosophy follows a simple covenant: “Do your best. God does the rest.”

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