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Christmas Story narrated by Nutcracker and commented by Olga D.

What can be better than singing beautiful Christmas Carols for your friends and neighbors?

Of course, to visit me, the beloved Christmas show – ballet Nutcracker by P.Tchaikovsky!

But what a wonderful Christmas season you have if you are singing Carols as a part of the great Nutcracker show of Cleveland Ballet, and all city is your friends and neighbors!

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This photo of the public coming for the show has been made from the Carolers place in the Foyer. Their vocal task was challenging, but they could attract the people to stop, listen, and many wanted to join singing-O.D.

Your schoolmates come to watch you singing wonderful Christmas music…

your name is listed in the program

…beautiful ballerinas are listening to your caroling…

..and posing for a great picture with you…

…volunteers from the public are asking -please, please!-to sing with you beloved Silent Night…

Yes, there is Dr. Dorota Sobieska herself, the Artistic Director of Cleveland Opera, who stopped by and has been listening to your caroling! Great honor from a significant name in musical Cleveland!






After your introduction, you have to run to change after you finish your Introduction- greeting for coming public with beloved Carols like Carol of the Bells, Joy To The World, Little Drummer Boy, and Deck The Hall. Your next performance is the vocal part for my magic Waltz of Snowflakes. You sing right in front of the stage (photo made at the dress rehearsal) and then run back to your place in Foyer for Intermission and Recession.


In our waiting room, children pulled the beautiful light blue Snowflakes Waltz Singers robe on top of their Carolers costumes. Long waiting for the call on stage for singing about 2.5 minutes a difficult vocalize with sustaining A flat 5 – O.D

My singers went to their place below
the stage in the darkness and stood right in a step from the first row…








They must know the score very well and start singing at the right moment. The light has been turned on them with the first note.









Children were allowed to look at the stage at the rehearsal, where those pictures were taken, so new singers do (2019). You can see tiny but experienced Alex on the right side of the stage, not looking at the scene – he knows the show very well. The singers must stand motionless and concentrate on the complex score during the production. I got a lot of good feedback from professionals and the general public.-O.D.


Cleveland Ballet for my Nutcracker production in Hanna Theatre has created a unique atmosphere of Christmas traditions. Legendary Cleveland Gray – an independent volunteer militia organized in 1837 – has been represented in the Foyer. It is such fun and a great memory to take a picture with famous Gray Soldiers!

Carolers with Cleveland Gray in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Toy Maker’s shops brought a mysterious charm of Christmas to the Foyer, and you can buy unforgettable souvenirs. 









    …you can do your homework in the Singer’s room between your performances …


Have an excellent time drinking our Christmas tea with Christmas donuts hanging in the Singers’ room with parents joining.

   To have this fantastic pleasure and experience, you should be a vocal student in Olga’s Music Studio,  practice for a few months to sing Carols, a capella, and difficult Waltz of the Snowflakes. To share the stage with adult professionals, you have to reach a strict requirement for voice production, be able to sing without a conductor, clear and strong, in front of a hall full of people, and step off the first row of the public.

In the photo on the left, there is the rehearsal for seven production shows in 2017. Alex Cosma was my tuner for all groups for his seven years! On the right photo, there is a rehearsal for 12 shows production in 2019. Alex is still leading and helping! -O.D.







Every season, you should pass auditions with the Artistic Director, Ms.Guadalupe, and the CEO of Cleveland Ballet, Dr. Krasnyansky…

Photos of auditions for seasons 2017 and 2019 in Hanna Theatre Foyer

 You also must be disciplined, take care of your voice, and remember that show starts and ends with you!

For three consecutive years, Olga’s Music Studio’s Carolers proudly greeted arriving public in Introduction, entertained in Intermission, sang mysterious Waltz of Snowflakes in the hall, and ended Nutcracker shows singing Recession in Hanna Theatre. 7 shows in 2017, 9 shows in 2018 and 12 shows in 2019. A great way to taste a profession and enjoy the unique, kind, wise, and charming Christmas gift from Cleveland Ballet to all Clevelanders.

Our majestic procession down the stairs 30 or 40 minutes before the start was the unique beginning of the show. In the photos, left to right, there are processions in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Since 2021 Cleveland Ballet has performed in Playhouse Square with the great renewed Nutcracker without life singers, but I miss the cozy and mysterious Christmas atmosphere of Hanna Theatre…


Life sometimes surprises- may it be a Christmas gift from a mysterious Nutcracker?

(Of course, it was me, he-he!)
On the last day of our three years marathon of Nutcracker in Hanna Theatre, I gave my Choir Director robe and the Golden Master  Folder of Carols to my older student, 16 years old Nicholas Oita, to finish the last show…because I have to go to Cleveland Opera Theater production of Amahl and the Night Visitors by Menotti where my students were singing the main character of Amahl since 2017! I never was able to see it because productions of both Cleveland Ballet and Cleveland Opera Theater were scheduled on the exact dates! What a day!
So, I asked Dr.Krasnyansky to watch my treasures in Hannah Theater, took that historical photo of my student conducting the program in the ballet show, and went to see my student singing the leading role in the opera…
     The unique sign of Olga’s Music Studio and undoubtful proof of the highest quality of training there is acceptance of its young students by professional companies productions where students are part of the show. It means that Olga’s Music Studio.
Carolers in the Foyer of Hanna Theater of Playhouse Square were a unique element of the Cleveland Ballet production of Nutcracker in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Greeting the public before the show, entertaining in the Intermission, good buying after, and singing the vocal part for the Waltz of Snowflakes was an unforgettable experience and pleasure to be a part of the charming production.
students passed auditions with companies’ professionals who found them to match professional criteria as:
– the ability to sound from the stage without amplification;
– beautiful and robust operatic voice;
– endurance to bring their entire role in shows with orchestra or instrumental ensemble;
Ability to build and bring the character to the audience. Historically students of XVII-XVIII centuries Italian conservatories- orphanages participated in church services, concerts, and opera shows, bringing money to their institutionю Twelve-year-old Anna Gotlieb sang in the premiere of Mozart’s Nozze di Figaro as Barbarina.
The tradition has not been interrupted in modern times.
For example, great Mezzo-Soprano Cecilia Bartoli started her operatic career at the age of 8, singing as Il Pastore in La Tosca’s production of La Scala.
Many boys and girls successfully perform in Gian-Carlo Menotti’s opera Amahl and the Night Visitors, where the primary role of Amahl is written for a child singer.
      Classical vocal training for young singers is gaining its resurrection with many national and international TV shows where classically-trained young singers demonstrate their superior abilities and succeed.
So, Olga’s Music Studio follows the well-known old way – yet this way is not easy.
Gaining popularity of classical repertoire and classical training for children with famous TV shows such as AGT is beautiful; however, performing on an actual operatic stage and repertoire is different.
First of all, it is the requirement for a robust and beautiful voice that can reach an audience in a large hall through the orchestra and sound beautiful and expressive. Another difficulty is delivering a character to the public, communicating with partners, physically enduring the rehearsals and shows, and simply memorizing extensive musical material.

Students of Olga’s Music  Studio have sung so far for productions of Cleveland Opera Theatre, Cleveland Ballet, Brecksville Community Theatre, Blue Streak Ensemble, and Opera in Italian Garden, performing roles solo and in ensembles. They have been accepted for production by Cleveland Opera (former Lyric Opera) 2020/21.

Operatic and Oratorio performance


Students In Productions Cleveland Opera Theater
In Olga’s Music Studio, the first contract with Cleveland Opera Theater was signed in 2017 with 12 years old Polina Kornyushenko for the role of Amahl (cover) and Shepherd in the production of Amahl and the Night Visitors by G.-C. Menotti.
In 2018 her operatic debut made ten-year-old Maya Ciurcel as Katja Neuber in the Cleveland Opera Theater production of Verlorene Heimat, where Polina Kornyushenko, 12, was invited to sing as Christa Neuber, her older sister. Cleveland premiere of D.Sonntag Verlorene Heimat in two shows with the orchestra under Maestro D.Boyajian baton. For girls, it was lucky to participate in the production nominated by American Prize as Semi-Finalist in 2021.
The scene with the girls is presented on the winning poster, Polina and Maya, on the stage after the show with Maestro Boyajian.
In 2018 and 2019, they sang in Amahl and the Night Visitors production of Cleveland Opera Theatre as Amahl and a Shepherd.

Maya Ciurcel,11, as Amahl in 2019 production.

In 2020 Maya Ciurcel was recorded as Amahl in the Cleveland Opera Theater Christmas production broadcasted in Covid 19 quarantine:
The banner from this broadcast and Maya’s officially published speech for this  production  of Cleveland Opera Theater:
Описание фото отсутствует.
 In 2021 Maya Ciurcel. Sang as Amahl in the Cleveland Opera Theater production of G.-C. Menotti Amahl and the Night Visitors in three shows in various locations three days in a .row.


Maya passed brightly during this three-day-in-row performing marathon for difficult Menotti’s role. I carefully tuned her voice every day to keep her on a healthy and beautiful sound. And, of course, she knows the score skillfully, so it was a pleasure to watch her happily playing in front of the public- the sign of true professionalism. Many thanks to Cleveland Opera Theater, which does not prohibit videotaping at this production and benefits City Mission. Maya donated her checks from Cleveland Opera Theater to City Mission. Here are a few videos from the last show I publicized on my channel OlgaDruz.

The opera’s final scene is the third day of three days marathon. I like the mastery with which Maya is singing the farewell duet with the Mother:



Brecksville Community Theatre
In 2018 Hannah Elmwood, my adult student sang as Johanna in the Sweeney Todd production of Brecksville Communion Theatre.







Blue Streak Ensemble:

Another performance with Maestro Boyajian conducting was 26-Oratorio Voice of Lake by M.Brouwer, at Cincinnati Environmental conference, where 25-three students Brianna Bogdan, Veronica, and Emma Marita successfully sang the Children’s chorus part.
Students In Productions Opera in the Italian Garden
It is one of the most popular Cleveland Summer concerts. Produced by the Italian Cultural Garden of Cleveland with estimated admission of about 3000, featured by Cleveland Opera and Cleveland Ballet artists and International singers, this prestigious event is free for the public but pays artists. Honoring my Studio level of training, they invited my students Polina Kornyushenko in her, ages 10, 11, and 12, for 2016, 2017, and 2018 and Alex Cosma,10, in 2021.
In 2016 Polina Kornyushenko, 10, got an invitation to sing in this prestigious venue as a winner of American Protege Int. Vocal and Crescendo Int. Competitions. She sings G.Rossini La Danza. She got the honor of getting a Polish blessing from Dr.Dorota Sobieska, the Artistic Director of Cleveland Opera! What luck!  Happy memory to take a picture with the singers of Cleveland Opera, where Dr. Sobieska is on the right.

In 2017 Polina was committed to preparing Aria di Laurette  O Mio Babbino Caro by G.Puccini in M.Caballe arrangement.
It became one of her best public performances.

It was well-deserved honor to take a photo with professional opera singers, including her Godmother in the operatic performance Dr.Dorota Sobieska. She is leaving the stage among Cleveland Ballet artists with whom she performed at the beginning of 2017.





In 2018 Polina was invited to sing G.Rossini La Danza again.

In 2021 Alex Cosma,10, was honored to perform in the concert as a winner of Mamma! Cleveland Young Singers competition of 2020. He has been committed to singing C.Bixio Mamma!
His performance was successfully noted in media, including TV, and used as a demo on our Home page.
WKYC Studio 3 about Alex, screens:
First paycheck and the Letter of Gratitude in the Studio from the Cleveland Opera who hired artists.
Not bad for the ten-year-old singer. His first paycheck Alex got in his seven years for performing for the Cleveland Composers Guild.
Students In Productions Cleveland Ballet
” I want to use this chance to publicly express my gratitude and respect to the Artistic Director of Cleveland Ballet, Ms.Guadalupe, and President and CEO Dr.Krasnyansky. Their mission of rebuilding the Cleveland Ballet from ashes was not only successfully approached, but their creative energy and pursuing stars involved many in their orbit. I am lucky to be involved in some project of those fantastic people” – Olga D.
   Olga’s Music Studio collaboration with Cleveland Ballet started in 2017 with the audition of two students, Polina Kornyushenko, 11, and Nicholas Oita, 13, for a chance to participate in A Celebration of Dance & Music production.
Both students were winners of a few contests and performed in Carnegie Hall. Both had to pass two auditions and were approved for participation in production.
 This beautiful poster with Nicholas Oita, Polina Kornyushenko, and ballerina Marla Minadeo has been created for the second production of A Celebration of Dance & Music with young singers. The first ticket I have to get to see my student.




Cleveland Ballet has generously released its videos for Olga’s Music Studio use. Being applied for Grand Prize Virtuoso  International Competition, “London,” those performances were estimated as Absolute 100/100 Winner 1st place for Polina Kornyushenko and Exceptional Young Talent 1st place for Nicholas Oita. Both were invited to perform their pieces in Albert Hall, London.
 They sing on the theatre stage with the instrumental ensemble and with no amplification.



Beautiful moms and children in their first dress room and first applauses on the theatre stage.


On April 2,017, Nicholas Oita performed H.Purcell’s song a capella as Young Mechanic.  In the photo Nicholas with me and his parents after the show in Ohio State Theatre where his performance got a lot of applauses.

For the Benefit Concert Gardens of Talents in 2017, Polina, Caprice, and Nicholas prepared new programs. Polina and Nicholas have been singing with Cleveland Ballet dancers.

For three consecutive years, 2017, 2018, and 2019,  Olga’s Music Studio provided young Carolers in the Foyer of Hanna Theatre, and in 2018 and 2019 also the vocalists for the Snowflakes Waltz. In 2017 there were seven shows. In 2018 there were nine, and in  2019 there were 12. Students were singing in the Foyer Introduction before the show, Intermission between acts, and Recession after the performance a capella for about 70-75 minutes. They changed for the Waltz of Snowflakes and after ran to the Foyer for the Intermission. I brought my keyboard and carefully tuned voices before each show. None of the voices was injured. Students run back to the lessons the next day after the last show, fresh and energetic!

Carolers at the dress rehearsal; ready for their first show; the next day after production-ready for the voice lesson!


Cleveland Opera:
In 2020 three students passed the audition for Cleveland Opera production (former Lyric Opera), another opera company in Cleveland. According to the quarantine restrictions, students of Evangeline Rahimov,8, Alex Cosma, 9, and Brianna Bogdan, 16, were accepted for 2020/2021 and will participate in productions when possible.


What can be better than singing beautiful Christmas Carols for your friends and neighbors?